The Humble Bundle for Android (and PC/Mac/Linux)

 The Humble Bundle gang have crafted another indie game bundle, and this time it can be used on Android phones. The games included, as of the typing of this sentence, are: Anomaly, Edge, Osmos, and if you pay more than the average price you will also receive World of Goo. Right now, the average payment is $4.80, but that will fluctuate for the duration of the promotion.

If you are new to the Humble Bundle concept: Humble Bundle is offering a handful of independently developed games on a pay-what-you-want model. You select how much to pay, and how much of that amount goes to the developers and to charity (Child’s Play & the EFF). It’s a great concept, and I urge you to donate as much as you feel comfortable with. If you ask me, I’d say $7 is a good base-line price for all that you are getting.

Osmos is the only game in the bundle that I am familiar with. I own it on Steam, but I can easily imagine playing it on my Evo. Osmos alone is worth the spare change you have laying around on your desk.

The Humble Bundle guys put out a video that does a great job of summing up everything about the offer, so check it out below, and head over to to buy your bundle! (Plus they show live stats, which are cool to see!)


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