Riders of Rohan bringing Mounted Combat to LOTR Online

riders of rohan charge

Coming this Fall for the 5-year-old, Lord of the Rings Online, an expansion entitled “Riders of Rohan” will expand the free-to-play MMO.

Riders will feature an increased level cap (to 85), a mounted combat system, and new areas to explore like Fangorn Forest, Amon Hen, and the plains of Rohan. The adventures through Rohan won’t be easy though, as roving bands of Warg riders will harass players and keep them on their toes. The best way to fend off these vicious foes is to ensure your mount’s armor is in check and is fully leveled up, to be able to take advantage of the new unique talents that come with owning a combat mount.

Lord of the Rings Online is currently free-to-play, and I have no good excuse as to why I have not played it yet. I had it downloaded and ready to install on my old computer last year, but once I got my beautiful Digital Storm machine, I keep forgetting to reinstall it. If it were not for how deep I’ve gotten hooked into The Old Republic, I would be installing Lotr Online right now…but my better judgement is pulling a Gandalf, standing on the bridge of my free-will, shouting “You, Shall Not, Instaaall!”

Gotta listen to the wizard.

Though if you are interested, you should totally make your way to Lotro.com and sign up to get started!

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