The Races of TERA: The Castanics


castanic tera

“Words are cheap. Blood is costly.”

As TERA (The Exiled Realm of Aborea) approaches its May 1st release date, the developers are gradually introducing players to the playable races included in the game. The first of these creature features is for the Castanic race.

Castanics are one of the seven races which make up the Valkyon Federation. While they are fanatically loyal and are natural negotiators, their fiery tempers and impatience are sometimes too much for the other races to deal with. Castanics have allied themselves with the Federation, knowing that strength comes in numbers, yet they would have no issue simply walking away if the Federation’s agenda shifted away from their main interests.

The Castanics are a godless race that live by their own code of honor, believing that those who seek the refuge of the gods are too cowardly to embrace their own destiny.

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