Interview with Dustforce Developers, Hitbox Team

hitbox team

The following interview is with Woodley Nye and Terrence Lee of Hitbox Team.
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How did Hitbox Team come into being?
Woodley: Lexie Dostal and I met in high school where we made some little prototypes in game maker. Matt Bush and I met at college, and Lexie also studied there, although I was the only one that stayed for the whole course. A little while later we got bored of doing nothing so we moved into the shed and started prototyping seriously.
Terence: I met Woodley, Lexie, and Matt at GDC Austin with the indiePub contest.  I joined them a few months after that to work on the sound and music for the game.

What’s the story behind this acrobatic janitor? Was he trained by ninjas? Did he find a magical broom?
Woodley: Haha, I like to think of him as a sort of abstract thing. He doesn’t really have a backstory, he just exists… Exists to sweep!

What can gamers expect to get out of Dustforce, that they will not find in other platformers?
Woodley: We spent much of the development time hand-crafting the movement physics. We didn’t want to rely on realistic 2d physics, so we carefully constructed our own movement from scratch. Lexie has done a really impressive job on it, and I think it’s something you have to play for yourself to get – the character has a very unique feel.

How much game content is in Dustforce? (How many levels/ replay value)
Woodley: There are about 50 levels with more on the way, but there’s a lot of replay value in terms of achieving mastery or aiming for leaderboard spots. There is also level creation to look forward to!

Where can gamers get their hands on Dustforce?
Woodley: It’s available on Steam at the moment:
It’s still 10% off for a little bit longer!

Any plans on bringing Dustforce to different platforms?
Woodley: Mac and Linux builds are in the works. We’d like to see it on PSN/XBLA, but that depends on whether we can get devkits or not.

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