Razer Reveals New Tablet at CES

project fiona


“It’s a tablet. It’s a PC. It’s, Fiona!”

Normally known for overpriced PC gaming equipment, Razer officially announced that they are entering the tablet market with their upcoming “Project Fiona.”

Armed with a 1280×800 10-inch screen, 7.1 THX-approved audio, an i7 processor, and two full force feedback controllers attached to either side of the tablet, Fiona hopes to land some strong punches in a market already overflowing with choices.

Where I feel Razer will stumble will be around the price point, a recurring problem with their products. Razer wants Fiona to be the gaming tablet, but in a world where Ipads are owned by people who are content playing Angry Birds and Words with Friends on their $600 Ipads…will Razer be able to convince consumers to pick up their probably more expensive tablet, while the real hardcore gamers already have their own PCs to game on.

Basically, I feel like Fiona is designed for people who think they want to be gamers, but have no clue where to start. None of my gamer buddies will own this.

Via PC Gaming’s reporter, Natalie Shoemaker, Razer apparently claims that the tablet will be available to consumers by the end of the year, and will be capapble of playing titles like Space Marine, Company of Heroes, and HAWX, along with utilizing Windows 8 support.

Razer is remaining silent about specific hardware details until Fiona’s still-to-be-announced release date is closer.

Read Shoemaker’s full article at PC Gamer’s website, and then visit Razer’s official Project Fiona website.

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