Star Wars Teams Up with Lipton Brisk


In promotion of the upcoming re-release of the Star Wars trilogies in 3D, which starts in Febuary, Lipton has teamed up with Lucasfilm for one stupidly awkward ad campaign, with the animation style seen in the advertisements being strikingly reminiscent of Star Wars: Super Bombad Racing, a 2001 PlayStation 2 title.

My distaste for the campaign comes largely from Lucasfilm being alright with having Darth Maul slip around on the ground. Yea, I know that the Brisk commercials are all stylized in this bobble-heady, slap-stick, demeanor…but I would have much rather preferred one of the only serious Star Wars characters left (I’m looking disappointingly at you Daniel Logan Boba and Jake Lloyd Anakin) to be left out.

Yoda and a Battle Droid, or R2 would have been perfectly fine in my book. But no, they just keep clowning up their own material.

I don’t like iced tea, anyway.

Oh, and there is a game you can download and play, it looks like Fruit Ninja re-skinned with Star Wars.

The game is called Bricksaber and it’s available for both Android and Apple phones. You can visit Bricksaber’s Facebook page and enter in codes you find underneath participating Brisk drinks, and the more codes that are entered the more parts of the game are unlocked.

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