Epic Arcade: Jamestown

What is Jamestown: A modern take on the classic Space Invaders style of games. You pick a spaceship, pick a level, and try to survive the verticle gauntlet of enemy vehicles tasked on destroying you.

Who made Jamestown: Final Form Games ( @FinalFormGames on Twitter )

Why Jamestown is fun: It is challenging, colorful, and sounds great. The soundtrack in particular is very, very impressive for the simple arcade game Jamestown is. Check out this track, The Lost Temple of Croatoa [YouTube] by Francisco “Foco” Cerda, and read Final Form’s blog post about their composers.

Along with the cinematic score, comes the surprisingly colorful graphics. The explosions, the ships, the lasers could have easily been one chaotic mess, yet the elements come together and compliment one another like fireworks in a fireworks display.

There are only a few levels, but each level contains different sets of enemies that are not simply re-skins, and each level has it’s own soundtrack.


Where Jamestown could be improved: There are bits of story in between levels that are presented with a scrolling graphic and some text. These visuals really pulls the game back in time. The graphics are just garbage, something I would expect to see in a lame educational game I would play in school back in the early 90’s. Compared to what is seen in the levels, the story-screens are a large let-down.

Where you can buy Jamestown: The Final Forms website FinalFormGames.com for $9.99.

Jamestown screenshot

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