Aion Going Free-to-Play

“2011 is the year of Free-to-Play.”

I just quoted myself there, that’s not too pretentious is it?

But seriously, so (1) many (2) games (3) have gone free-to-play this year.

We can now add NCsoft’s MMORPG, Aion, to that group (4). Technically Aion won’t be free to play until February 2012…but the announcement was made in 2011, so this counts.

A quick run-down of the free-to-play model for Aion:

Everyone gets access to item shops, where they can buy unique clothing, pets, or other cosmetic variations.

– Buying the Gold Pack removes all the limitations of a free account, increases the amount of experience gained, and reduces the cool-down between instance runs.

– “Starters” get access to the majority of Aion, for free. The chat feature and auction house will be unavailable to Starters.

– If you had previously been an Aion subscriber, come Feburary, you will be considered a “Veteran” and will benefit from reduced cool-downs in between instance runs and increased PVP rewards.

Visit the official Aion website for more info on classes, factions, monsters, and why everyone has angel wings.


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