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Over the past few weeks H3lmz and I have been playing Global Agenda on the side. We are a little late getting to the party, almost two years late, actually, but we figured that since Global Agenda is free to play, we had nothing to lose. So we hooked ourselves up with accounts and got to playing.

If you are unfamiliar with Global Agenda, in short, the game is an MMO third-person shooter that takes place on Earth in 2155. The Third Great War left an oppressive regime, called the Commonwealth, in control of the majority of the planet. The character you create is an elite agent destined to work for the few free factions remaining in opposition to the Commonwealth. As I mentioned, Global Agenda is free to play, so if you are already hooked by that synopsis, feel free to get right into the game via

H3lmz and I started playing separately, and due to difference in schedules, we have yet to play Global Agenda together. So everything I comment on in this article, is strictly my experience with Global Agenda all by my socially-awkward-self. Really though, this setback wasn’t too big of a problem, since the first few levels are practically a single-player tutorial, getting you acclimated with the mechanics of the game.

So, picking “Recon” as my class type, the other choices being “Assault”, “Medic”, and “Robotics,” I set off into Global Agenda.

Global Agenda armor

The story kicks off with a prison break. Very unoriginal, but you get a jetpack pretty much straightaway. I ended up having so much fun with my new toy that I stopped paying attention to the story for the next ten minutes. Completely ignoring the lady yelling into my headset, I easily navigated my way through the tutorial and into the combat areas. This early experience told me two things. First, the story is pretty weak and I am already bored with it ten minutes in. Second, the controls are very similar to most other MMOs, so if you consider yourself a veteran of any particular MMO, you will have no trouble mastering the Global Agenda control scheme. However, for some weird reason, Hi-Rez forces you to hit the “U” button in order to interact with an NPC. With one hand on the mouse, and the other spider-crawling over the W-A-S-D and number keys constantly, the “U” button gets obnoxious to hit as often as you have to talk to people.

The tutorial ends with you arriving to Dome City, where you do a number of “learn the area” quests before you eventually make your way out into the Sonoran Desert.

Deserts in video games are either a hit, or a miss. Borderland’s Pandora, was a hit. Pre-Cataclysm Warcraft’s Tanaris, was a miss. So far, Global Agenda’s Sonoran is a miss. There really is nothing to look at out there. No interesting looking structures, enemy NPC groups just wander around where the quests tell you to go kill them, the quests themselves are uninteresting…overall the experience is pretty dismal.

Global Alliance Sonoran Desert

For me, what keeps me going through Global Agenda is the technology and weaponry you get your hands on through the quests. Right now, my recon agent has a take-no-prisoners sniper rifle, a laser katana, mines, a cloaking device, a booster ability which super-charges me and allows me to perform twice as fast for a short time, and, of course, the jetpack. As far as armor goes, I really have not gotten my hands on any cool looking pieces, but I have seen sets worn by others in Dome City, and they were very badass looking.

Like cutting lumber with a lightsaber, the equipment and abilities make the dull early-game, bearable. I understand that Global Agenda is trying to tone players who might have never played an MMO before, so I will not penalize the game for being so cookie-cutter this early on. For those of us used to similar games, then hunker down with me for the first ten, and let’s hope the game forms up shortly.

See you at level 20.

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