Gearbox Looking for Lilith Look-Alike for Borderlands 2

Gearbox Software has announced they are looking for a girl between the ages of 18-30, capable of portraying the psychic Lilith in Borderlands 2, among other appearances.

Their official requirements are as follows:

– You must able to provide your own transportation and be on-set in the Dallas, TX area for testing and shooting during the first three weeks of December
– You do not need to have any past acting or modeling experience, but you will be expected to follow direction and exhibit a range of facial expressions and emotions for the camera
– We will choose a candidate that has sufficient plausible resemblance to the character Lilith from the video game Borderlands

Gearbox stresses that this is not a contest, and you will be paid $1,000 per-day, with a minimum of one day’s worth of pay.

So! If you think that you look like Lilith, head to Gearbox’s website and fill out an application by December 3rd. Or, if you live in or near the Dallas, Texas area, you can attend the open casting call during the first two weeks of December. For more info on both of these choices, click the link above.

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