Get Team Fortress 2 Hats When You Pre-Order Trine 2

Frozenbyte, in partnership with Steam, has revealed that Steam users who pre-purchase Trine 2, will attain two exclusive Team Fortress 2 hats, as well as access to the two-level Trine 2 beta. The two hats are replicas of the pointy wizard’s hat and the Knight’s helm as seen in Trine.

The Point and Shoot: “The next time someone accuses you of not being a real wizard because you refuse to (read: can’t) do spells, poke them in the eye with this magically blinding pointy hat and run.”

The War Head: “Protect your thought-horde from dragons, sorcery, and other make-believe dangers with this spiky lead battle-mask.”

Get your hands on these exclusive Team Fortress 2 hats, as well as a copy of the fantastic (speaking from experience) Trine 2! Visit the Steam Store to pre-order today!

You might remember that back in August, Epic Brew interviewed Lauri Hyvärinen, the CEO of Frozenbyte, about what to expect in Trine 2.

Check out the Trine 2 interview, here.

We also did a mini-feature using YouTube videos posted by the Trine 2 development team, about the work that goes on designing the levels for Trine 2.

Trine 2 Level Design Videos.

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