New NatGeo Show: “Lost Treasures”

The producers behind Ice Road Truckers and Deadliest Catch have received approval by National Geographic to begin a new series entitled, Lost Treasures.

Lost Treasures will go around the Unites States, looking for historical heirlooms people have had in their family for generations but potentially not known their historical value. Now before you stomp your feet and wave your remote control in the air, crying that this is just another version of American Pickers, notice that I said “historical value.” Lost Treasures will focus on the history behind a discovered heirloom, and the heirloom that is deemed the most historically valuable, its owner will receive a $10,000 check.

Lost Treasures will travel through major cities such as Houston, Los Angeles, New Orleans, and Philadelphia to name a few, in search of family heirlooms.

“You’ll have the opportunity to bring it to a major museum in one of these cities and have it examined by experts to find out how your object fits into the rich tapestry of American history.” The Lost Treasures website explains.

If you think you have a family heirloom that could win you 10k, head on over to the Lost Treasures website for more information.

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