Call of Duty and Assassin’s Creed Coming Back in 2012

Or as I like to call them: Call of Madden’s Creed [insert year here].

Oh H3rcules, you’re so funny with your opinions and stuff. You should just be happy to have so many new games coming out!
No, I’m not happy, nor should I be. Have yourself a seat, son/ma’am, and let me tell you why old H3rc has a porcupine up his butt, today.

I understand it is fun to be able to look forward to one of your favorite franchises releasing a new title every year, I completely wrap my mind around that. What I can’t fit the mental shrink-wrap around, is why people are perfectly ok with shelling out $60+ for largely the same title they have paid $60+ for over the previous few years.

Well jee, mister! I don’t buy every game that comes out! And the games I do buy, I get my time out of!
Good! I would hope that you don’t simply buy the game every year just because you have all of the other ones. I’m glad you are not contributing to the sales statistics that are driving companies to pump out 5 games before they decide to get innovative. Thank you for helping propel the market forward, by buying smartly.

What I would love to see is a title, such as Madden, have a core game release. This core game would be built on fresh engine, and every year when it comes time for the annual Madden release, just re-skin the teams and update the engine slightly. Do this every year for, say 3 or 4 years, until the new engine is ready, and then release the next core game release. If that makes no sense, let me break it down.
This is all an example, obviously:

Madden 2012 comes out with a brand new engine – $60 core release.
Madden 2013
gets released with updated stats and rosters and some engine updates – $25 update
Madden 2014 gets similar treatment as 2013 – $25 update
Madden 2015 same as 14 and 13 – $25 update
Madden 2016 gets a new engine with significant gameplay overhaul – $60 core release

I feel that unless there are significant changes (and I mean the game looks/runs better, kind of changes) a sequel, or any form of a sequel, should not have a fully priced follow-up. Just call it the “World at War pack” and let me download it for $30. A good example is what EA/Dice did with Battlefield Bad Company 2: Vietnam. Vietnam was not a fully updated game with its own engine. Vietnam ran off of the same engine that Bad Company 2 did. So EA/Dice did not sell Vietnam fully priced. Everyone was happy, no one felt ripped off.

So what happens when someone gets Madden 2015, but never had the core release of Madden 2012? Simple, the $25 update bumps up to $50 and you’re set. You never bought the original, so you missed out on playing it, but you are not going to get penalized too much for playing a game that is running on a 4-year-old engine.

If this method is used, game companies do not have to fear losing so much money to used game sales, since 80% of their games will be updates paid for/downloaded directly from themselves.


Oh and for the original reason you probably checked out this article: New Call of Duty Announced [gamespot] and 2012 will see another Assassin’s Creed [gamersmint].



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  1. eh

    If it takes them a year’s worth of effort to put the game out, and it’s still a good game, I don’t really care where that effort went. It’s worth $60 to me.


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