Geek Speak Weekly: Splicers

SPLICERS – Bioshock

For the non-nerds: Splicers are humans who live in the underwater city of Rapture, but have overdosed on the genetically-modifying substance, Adam. The addiction mutated their bodies and corrupted their minds, causing them to kill the majority of the unaddicted, sane, population of Rapture. The Splicers are the most common foes players face while playing through Bioshock 1 and 2. Many of the Splicers wear masquerade masks, which it is believed that they are worn to hide their faces out of shame for what they have become.

The Splicers are still able to talk and shout. Their voices add just as much to the haunting mood of the game as anything else. Check out these YouTube videos that MamaLuigii has compiled of all the Splicer voice-work.
Mr. Ryan’s gonna notice me, and I’m gonna be a star! It’s not too late, not too late!
Shh… Oh, no… Of course you’re not dying, my little one. You’re just a baby… Babies don’t die.
Don’t be silly. It’s only the voices.

As the games progress, different varieties of Splicers are found: Spider Splicers, Brute Splicers, and Houdini Splicers, just to name a few.


For the nerds: In the ten years between Bioshock 1 and Bioshock 2, the Splicer’s DNA continued to modify, presenting the once normal humans, with even further grotesque modifications.
A list of Splicer character models/types can be found at the unofficial Bioshock wiki.

The name “Splicer” comes from the process of gene splicing, where enzymes split up genes, allowing scientists to insert what they will into the DNA sequence. Read more about gene splicing, here.

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