Geek Speak Weekly: Kit Fisto

KIT FISTO – Star Wars

For the non-nerds: Kit Fisto is a Jedi Knight who served on the Jedi Council during the second and third Star Wars films. Kit Fisto is a nautolan from the aquatic planet Glee Anselm. During the Clone Wars, Fisto served as a General for the Grand Army of the Republic and was also one of the dozens of Jedis that arrived on Geonosis to rescue Senator Amidala and Jedi Knights, Kenobi and Skywalker.

For the nerds: Fisto has taken on two apprentices. His first apprentice, Bant Eerin, a female Mon Calamari who was a childhood friend to Obi-Wan Kenobi. After Eerin passed the trials and was promoted to Jedi Knight, Fisto took on apprentice Nahdar Vebb, a male Mon Cal. During the Clone Wars, Fisto and Vebb were sent out to investigate a Separatist facility. The facility turned out to be one of General Grievous’ lairs, and the Jedi dueled the Separatist general in lightsaber combat. Grevious managed to escape, but not before slaying Vebb.

Much like Anakin Skywalker, Kit Fisto also had a secret love life…but his was with another Jedi, Aalya Secura. The pair became close after being assigned on so many missions together. Had it not been for their dedication to the Jedi Order and Order 66 cutting their lives short, the couple would have easily had a future together.

Fisto was originally designed to be a Sith for Attack of the Clones, but the script called for human Sith, so Fisto was bumped to the Jedi.

In the Cartoon Network series, Star Wars: Clone Wars, Kit Fisto is voiced by Phil LaMarr (Mad TV)…the voice actor also behind Samauri Jack, Vamp (Metal Gear Solid), and Sam B (Dead Island.)

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