Epic Arcade: The Green Mission



What is The Green Mission: A simple “sling-shot and catch” game where you launch a little green booger-thing through the air while avoiding obstacles and completing objectives. The goal is to turn all the tomatoes green without coming into contact with them. You complete a color transformation by getting the slimer close to, but not touching, the tomato.

Who Made The Green Mission: Mini Duck (visit their website)

Why The Green Mission is Fun: TGM is an easy pick-up-and-play arcade game that challanges you enough to get your brain cells moving without raising your blood pressure in the process. The physics-based puzzles, and the fact that you’re playing with boogers (atleast I pretended that’s what they were) blends well together. The cartoony visual style is the icing on the cake.

Where The Green Mission Could be Improved: A few times my slimer-catching jar would wiggle a tad too far one way or another, but I am fairly certain that only would happen because my mouse would pass out of the arcade box and it would try to pull it back in. It’s a clunky mechanic, but if your careful and keep your mouse within the game, the problem shouldn’t arise often.

Where You Can Play The Green Mission: At AndKon Arcade.

A Tip: There is a reset button in the upper right-hand corner of the game, that allows you to reset the level. Use it. Don’t sit around like I did for 3 minutes, as my booger-man slowly slid back down the ramp and into the jar.

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