Team Fortress 2 Arcade Available for Free!

Earlier this summer we highlighted a project created by Eric Ruth, that took the frantic action and interesting characters of Team Fortress 2 and shrunk it all down into an SNES styled game.

Ruth has completed the project, and you can download the game, in it’s entirity, from his website –

team fortress 2 arcade

Ruth has made a number of fun games over the past few years: this Team Fortress platformer, a Halo-based platformer, and a Left for Dead platformer, just to name a few. All of those games are available on his website to download, absolutely free. I urge you, if you do enjoy his games, to donate even a few bucks to help Ruth out. He promises that all the money donated will go into future projects.

Again, head to for the download links, and the link to donate.


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