Geek Speak Weekly: Kindle Fire

So I held off on the Geek Speak feature this week until today, knowing that Amazon was expected to announce their newest devices today at a publicized press release.

While Amazon did announce three new Kindles, the next generation normal Kindle, and then two versions of the Kindle Touch, the main announcement came in the form of the Kindle Fire.

kindle fire

The $199 Kindle Fire is Amazon’s opening blow in their entry into the tablet wars. You can read an earlier article I wrote about Amazon’s marketing strategy.

The Kindle Fire will feature a 7-inch color touchscreen, 8GB storage, 8 hours of wireless-off battery life, and all weighs less than 15 ounces. Nothing really incredibly fancy. I like that.

Amazon Fire

The new generation Kindle is available to purchase today. The Kindle Touches will be released November 21st, and the Kindle Fire will be released November 15th.

Will it bring anything to the table the Ipad has not yet? Besides super easy access to the Amazon store, and a non-iOS interface, no, not really. But look at how much an Ipad costs ($499) compared to the $199 price for the Kindle Fire. I’ve never considered throwing down 500 for an Ipad, but at $199, I would be surprised if I did not end up with a Kindle Fire by Christmas.

Visit Amazon and reserve your Kindle today

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