Another Humble Bundle Arrives!

If you’ve been reading Epic Brew you’re already familiar with the Humble Bundle concept and should already be clicking this link and going to investigate the latest Humble Bundle offer.

If you have no idea what a Humble Bundle is, acquaint yourself with this awesome deal by watching the video below.

I urge you all to go out and support this endeavor. But don’t be a cheap ass, spend at least $5 for the content, you’ll get the Frozenbyte Bundle if you donate more than the average, too.
With the release of Trine 2 just around the corner, if you havn’t picked up Trine yet, you definitly should…or gift it to someone you think will enjoy it.

Check out our interview with the Frozenbyte CEO about Trine 2, for more information in regards to that title.

The Humble Bundle will not last forever, so take advantage of this awesome event, prontosaurus.

Visit the official Humble Bundle Website

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