Dagobah Discovered?

Scientists have described newly discovered planet “HD 85512 b” to “be really muggy, just think about the muggiest Washington day you can think of.”

It’s the second planet discovered¬† in the designated “Goldilocks Zone” of a distant solar system. The “Goldilocks Zone” is named as such because it is the area in a star’s orbit that is not too close (hot) or not too far (cold) from the sun, but is “just right” to support life.

I hate that metaphor.

The planet is over 3x the mass of Earth, with average temperatures between 80-120 degrees. Scientists believe that if there is life on the planet, it will be shorter than what is typically found on Earth because the gravity is almost twice as strong.

From the NPR article, “The new planet, called HD85512b, closely circles a star about 35 light-years from Earth in the constellation Vela. Each light-year is 5.8 trillion miles. A year there is only 60 days. The only reason it might not too hot for life is that its sun is about 1,800 degrees cooler than our sun.

Think about it, a really muggy planet with tons of cloud cover, which would support short, green, creatures?

Ok, I added in the “green,” but come’on! It’s freaking Dagobah!

Read the full article with all the juicy scientific details on the NPR website.

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