Firefall Featured in Newest Issue of EGM

The digital magazine EGM featured Red 5’s upcoming Free-To-Play shooter, Firefall in a main article.

EGM is free and can be opened in your browser by going to and simply clicking the magazine to get started.

When you get to the Firefall article, you have to slide the screen to see more information…don’t click the “next page” button or it will talk you out of the article. It took me a moment to realize that, so i figured I’d save you the confusion. Thank me later.

We’ve been keeping our eyes on Firefall, we featured the game in a preview back in July. The game contains so much potential, and I highly recommend you hit up the EGM article as well as our preview to better acquaint yourself with Firefall.

The Firefall beta is currently active, so sign up at the website for a chance to get in on the action.

Visit the official Firefall website

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