Geek Speak Daily 8/28/11 “Abe Sapien”

ABE SAPIEN – Hellboy comics/film

For the non-nerds: Abe Sapien is the blue merman-like creature that often accompanies Hellboy on missions and adventures. He was seen in both of the Hellboy movies, and has seen a handful of comic book spinoffs where he is the title character.

Scientists would call him an Icthyo sapien, but Abe received his name when he was discovered. The tube he was found in had an attached document was dated the day of Abraham Lincoln’s assassination, April 14, 1865.

Abe is amphibian like, able to venture out of water for periods of time, but ultimately needs the liquid for survival. He posses a high intelligence, impressive marksman abilities,and in the films he is seen to have psychic abilities.

Working in the field, Abe is given the call sign “Blue” while Hellboy is “Red.”



For the nerds: In the first Hellboy film, a good ear would catch that Abe is voiced by David Hyde Pierce (from Frasier) yet if you look in the credits, you would not see Pierce credited. The decision to remain uncredited for his voice-performance was completely Pierce’s choice. He felt his name should be kept out of the credits out of respect for Doug Jones, who was actually the man in the costume, and his performance. However, for Hellboy 2, Jones ended up doing the voice and the acting for Abe altogether.

Before he was Abe, he was Langdon Everett Caul, a scientist who belonged to a cult that believed that all life came from the sea. During a research outing, Caul came across a jellyfish-like deity from underwater ruins which was then captured. The cult proceeded to perform arcane rituals with the creature. The rituals backfired, and Caul was left mutating into the Icthyo sapien. His colleuges moved him into a vault, where they stored him into a tube. Shortly thereafter, the group had to abandon the project, as the American Civil War loomed near. Sapien was forgotten, until discovered years later.


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