Geek Speak Daily 8/26/11 “Headcrabs”

HEADCRABS – Half-Life series

Headcrabs as seen in Half-Life 1 / Half-Life 2

Headcrabs are small parasitic monsters that resemble an uncooked chicken with four slender crab legs. Their mouths are found underneath their body, sharp beaks that allow an almost impossible-to-break grip once the headcrab attaches itself to a host.

Headcrabs are very fragile, dying quickly to bullet shots or a good smack with a crowbar. Their inability to withstand blows is made up by their ability to pounce great distances, often emitting a guttural squelch before pouncing for an attack. Their main advantage being their large jumping range, headcrabs will usually try to ambush their prey, leaping out from air-vents or from behind crates.

Once on a victim, the beak-mouth works like a can-opener and the headcrab attaches itself to the skull of their acquired host. The toxins in the headcrab’s bite corrupt humans, and are mutated into a zombie-like creature that tries to kill anything it can, presumably allowing the headcrab to change hosts if need be. The human host undergoes a number of hideous transformations depending on what species of headcrab infects them.

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