Geek Speak Daily 8/25/11 “The Heavy”

THE HEAVY – Team Fortress

For the non-nerds: The Heavy is one of nine characters players can pick to play as in Team Fortress 2. The Heavy is easily recognizable as the big bald guy carrying a giant machine gun during battles. The Heavy is often seen in the healing-streams of a Medic, boosting the Heavy’s already massive amounts of health. The Heavy speaks with a very thick Russian accent, speaking very basic and slightly broken English, for example, “Shooting Good!

For the nerds: The Heavy currently has 5 different machine guns, six secondary items, nineteen unique hats, and seven melee weapons to choose from.

The man behind the voice of The Heavy, also does the voice for Team Fortress 2‘s Demoman.

The Heavy loves his gun so much, he puts it in a little bed of its own when he goes to sleep at night.

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