Geek Speak Daily 8/24/11 “Camping”

CAMPING – Used in video games, usually shooters, to describe someone who remains within a small area and gets kills by hiding and ambushing, in a non-defensive manner.

There are campers, and then there are defenders. Defenders remain in one location in order to keep an opponent from capturing a base or destroying an objective. Campers remain in an out-of-the-way area or repeatedly ambush an opponent with no desire to help their team defend, they are simply there for the kills.

Camping is frowned upon largely across all platforms where multiplayer games are present.

– Sitting outside an enemy base, killing enemies as they emerge, making no attempt to go into the base and capture it, is considered camping.

– Hoping on an immobile machine-gun turret and spraying down waves of incoming enemies, intent on capturing your base is defending.

– Repeatedly flying around a base in a helicopter, killing enemies as they spawn, is considered camping.

Snipers get a lot of flak for being “F’ing campers.” A sniper is considered camping when he/she is not supporting the team in anyway other than getting kills for his/her score. If you play as a sniper, you need to be working with your team. Spot enemies, cover their advances, call artillery down on enemies, or whatever team bonuses the Sniper-class gets in a particular game.

If you are playing a team game where the snipers have no extra bonuses than anyone else…drop the sniper rifle, pick up  a machine gun, and go play with your team. As a veteran of Battlefield and Call of Duty games, there is nothing more frustrating than taking fire from an enemy, and looking over your shoulder to see a hill full of snipers taking pot shots at enemies a half mile away.

What is considered camping varies from game to game, but the easiest way to figure out if what you are doing is considered camping is to ask yourself, “How am I helping my team?

If you can’t answer that question immediately, (“killing guys on the other team” is not the correct answer) then you need to re-think your gameplay style…you f’ing camper.


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