Geek Speak Daily 8/18/11 “Peppy Hare”

PEPPY HARE – from Nintendo’s Star Fox

For the non-nerds: Peppy Hare is a prominent member of the Star Fox team. He is the rabbit most commonly quoted on the internet for saying, “Do a barrel roll!” in the first level of Star Fox 64.

Peppy flew alongside James McCloud and Pigma Dengar, before Pigma betrayed them to intergalactic villian, Andross. While Peppy was able to escape the ambush, James was unable to escape.

Peppy returned to James’ son, Fox McCloud, who vowed to avenge his father’s betrayal. Fox reformed the Star Fox team, and Peppy joined the team along with Slippy Toad and Falco Lombardi.

For the nerds: Peppy is actually a widower. He and his deceased wife, Vivian, had only one child, a daughter named Lucy. Peppy served on the Star Fox team for many years, but eventually old age caught up with him, and he took up a post on board the Great Fox. When General Pepper fell ill, Peppy was given the position of General of the Cornerian Army.

During the Aparoid Invasion, Peppy crashes the Great Fox to save the rest of the team. While believed to be dead, it is revealed that Peppy was able to escape the crash by utilizing one of the Great Fox’s escape pods.

In Star Fox 64…Peppy always engages Pigma when the Star Fox team runs into the Star Wolf team because Peppy wants to get back at Pigma for betraying himself and James.


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