Geek Speak Daily – 8/15/11 “Yavin”

YAVIN – Star Wars Universe

For the non-nerds: In the oldest Star Wars movie, Yavin is that big red planet that the Death Star had to orbit around in order for it to be able to target the moon the Rebels were camped out on (Yavin 4.)

The slow orbit of the Death Star around Yavin made for a very intense point in A New Hope, as the Rebel Alliance’s Rouge Squadron desperately attempted to destroy the battle station before it could open fire. The event is known as “The Battle of Yavin.”

Why the Death Star didn’t just blow up Yavin, and then the Rebel Base on Yavin 4? Plot-hole.


For the nerds: Yavin is one of three planets in the Outer Rim, Yavin System, the other two planets being Fiddanl and Stroiketcy. Yavin is by far the largest planet in the system, hence the system being named as so. Yavin is a gas-giant, similar to our solar system’s planet, Jupiter.

Yavin is the only location where Corusca Gems can be found, one of the hardest objects in the galaxy. The gems are the result of the powerful pressurization of Yavin’s atmosphere, and were named after the planet Coruscant.

Yavin has 26 moons, only 3 are habitable. Yavin 4  was the moon the Rebels had camped out on during the events of A New Hope.

The temples the Rebellion setup their base within was originally constructed by the Massassi, a race who belonged to the ancient Sith empire.


— For events that took place in the Star Wars universe, the Battle of Yavin is used as a time-point to date things with. For example, 10BBY refers to 10 years before the Battle of Yavin. 45ABY refers to 45 years after the Battle of Yavin.

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