The 5k “Run for Your Lives” Zombie Run

“Run for Your Lives” is a marathon where you don’t just compete against other runners…you compete to survive against the undead horde!

This event, held in Baltimore at the end of October, has participants running through 12 different obstacle over the 5k run. Every runner will be given a “life-belt” that will work in the same way they are used in flag-football. If the zombies manage to take all of your life-belt flags…you lose. However, “health bonuses” are hidden throughout the course, so participants low on health are encouraged to scavenge for supplies.

The zombies in the race are from the event organizer’s special Zombie Training Facility, so they are trained not to bite, tackle, scratch, crush, or otherwise harm the runners. They just want to eat your…flaaaaags.

Concluding the race is the Apocalypse Party, which is open to anyone, where there will be food, drinks (and beer), eight live bands, celebrity appearances, the awards ceremony and much more. Plus vendors will be selling art, crafts, and merchandise all things zombie.

For more information visit the Run For Your Lives website, specifically the Frequently Asked Question page.

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