Star Wars Currency to Appear in South Pacific

Starting at the end of this year, residents of the South Pacific nation of Niue, will begin seeing Star Wars themed coins enter circulation. Though it is highly unlikely that a Niue citizen will see one of these highly collectible coins show up anywhere normal.

Created by the New Zealand Mint, the series of 40 coins will feature a colored Star Wars inspired designs on one side and Queen Elizabeth on the other. They are technically $2 coins, but the estimated collector’s price puts the coins close to $100. Also, the ounce of silver within the coins is worth around $50 in itself.

New Zealand Mint Vice President of USA Operations Chris Kirkness said, “You wouldn’t want to go and spend them because they’re only worth $2 but the value is much more than that – no one is going to go buy an ice cream with them.”

Some of the boxes these collectible coins will come encased in will emit sound effects when opened. The Darth Vader coin box will shooo-purr upon opening, while you will hear the Millennium Falcon take off upon opening that coin’s box.

The New Zealand Mint will run the series starting at the end of 2011 to some point in 2014 with only 7500 copies of each coin being made.

The first two sets are seen in the pictures above and below this article.

To get one set of four, expect to shell out $469 plus shipping….from the South Pacific.

Official page for Star Wars coins from New Zealand Mint

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