New Counter Strike Announced

Today, Valve publicly revealed plans for the next entry in the Counter Strike series of games, entitled “Counter Strike: Global Offensive.”

Global Offensive will find itself on the PC/Mac, Playstation Network, and Xbox Live next spring, 12 years after the original game was released.

Valve promises new maps, character models, weapons, leader boards, matchmaking, and multiplayer game modes, along with the return of CS classics, like de_dust.

Global Offensive will be the third major entry in the series, following Counter Strike: Source which came after the original Counter Strike.

The original Counter Strike was released by Valve as a mod to Half-Life in 1999, and quickly became one of the most played PC games to this date. I just looked at the Steam stats for the day, and the original Counter Strike is listed as the second most played game, falling in behind the freshly free-to-play Team Fortress 2.


Steam Stats as of 8/12/11

 See the official press release from Valve

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