Firefall Already “Launched,” Says Developer

Mark Kern, the founder of Red 5 Studios, has revealed that their upcoming free-to-play shooter, Firefall, has already been launched. A handful of early testers have been selected and Kern has explained that the testing cycle for Firefall will be more akin to what Gmail did pending it’s eventual launch: a series of invites sent to a small number of testers that get refreshed over time, slowly allowing more people into the game as testers extend the invites through their social networks.

We no longer feel this [cycle] makes sense in a modern, online, service-oriented business, especially a free to play game. Instead, we have modeled our launch after Gmail’s invite system.” Kern said in an interview with The Escapist.

Expect to see more of Firefall at Pax later this month. You can sign up to get the chance to be a tester at the Official Firefall website.

Firefall will be fully released this December.

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