Gargoyles Movie Finds Producer/Writers

The spell is broken, and they live again! Well, almost.

David Elliot (GI Joe) and Paul Lovett (Four Brothers) have revealed that they are in the process of writing a screenplay concerning Disney’s popular animated series Gargoyles. The film would be a live action and possibly not relate to the original storyline at all. X-Men‘s producer Lauren Shuler Donner will be on to produce with Zoe Green. The pair had previously been developing the idea with Disney’s LouAnne Brickhouse, and have a mass franchise market in mind which includes video games, theme park attractions, action figures, and more.

This announcement scares me. Gargoyles is my most cherished childhood franchise and I want to see Peter Jackson, Neill Blomkamp, and Guillermo del Toro behind this project. NOT the producer who brought us such movies as Timeline, Unaccompanied Minors, X-men: Wolverine, and Free Willy 2,  as it is bad enough we have the G.I. Joe writers on board already.

Also, the fact that they want to deviate from the original Scotland-New York storyline really bothers me. Gargoyles just wouldnt be the same if the setting was different. It would be like if Steven Spielberg had said, “Well, I’m going to adapt Jurassic Park into a movie…but I want to change the fact that the park is on a tropical island….I want it to be in an underground compound in the Arctic.” So many plot points that made the original story fantastic, would have to be changed that the story just wouldn’t even be the same.

I can just hope that Disney at least give me one good movie, like they did with the first Pirates of the Caribbean movie. And for god’s sake they better have Keith Davids as the voice of Goliath.


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