The Butterfly Circus a Fantastic Short Film

The Butterfly Circus is a short film directed by Joshua Weigel, written by Joshua Weigel and Rebekah Weigel, and produced by Joshua Weigel, Rebekah Weigel and Angie Alvarez. The short film is the winner of multiple awards, some including: Best of Show, Best Short Film and Audience Favorite, the First- Ever Clint Eastwood Filmmaker Award, and many more at various film festivals.

The film centers on a troupe of circus performers who travel the United States and put on shows for the towns they pass through. In one particular town, the ring-leader for the Butterfly Circus comes across a limbless man who is currently part of a depressing freak-show.  The ensuing story is just as metaphorical as the title would have you believe.

I found the film predictable to a point, but it was the presentation that did it for me. The cast and crew did a great job of creating a family feel to the troupe, and by the end you feel like you really know these characters and can be happy with them when things work out, or feel sorry for them when things do not.

Now you might be thinking, well herp-derp H3rc, that’s the point of all movies! And you would be correct in thinking so. But!, Butterfly Circus develops those emotional attachments within about 20 minutes. That’s what is so impressive about this short film.

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  1. karen

    That is a great movie. Very impressive. We need more movies like this in our movie theaters. I have 4 kids and there isn’t much for them to watch that is good and wholesome like this movie is.


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