Dragon Nest Preview

Dragon Nest is an upcoming Free-to-Play MMORPG for the PC, developed by Eyedentity Games.

What you need to know:

– A non-targeting combat systems allows players to attack multiple enemies without being forced to lock onto a specific target, akin to the gameplay mechanics of God of War and Prince of Persia.

– Story is centered around the heroes of Lagendia teaming up and fighting the monstrosities of the evil sorceress, Vestinel, in efforts to cure and save the ailing Goddess Altea from death.

– The beautiful stylized graphics are powered by the Eternity Engine, a child of the Doom Engine.

– Four classes confirmed, (Sorceress, Warrior, Archer, and Cleric) and the ability to specialize into one of two of each classes upgradable ranks: SorceressElemental Lord / Force User. WarriorSword Master / Mercenary. ArcherBow Master / Acrobat. ClericPaladin / Priest

Watch a video showing off all 8 of the class specializations. [YouTube]

– The ability to string together attacks in order to create stronger combo-attacks.

– 16 player arena PVP battles, (Won Best PVP at E3 2011, mmorpg.com)

Dragon Nest will not be as game-changing as Firefall , but a game does not have to be game changing to be a fun game, which I believe Dragon Nest will be. The visual roots of the game are definitely Asian-inspired, Final Fantasy-esque if you will, but Eyedentity Games did a great job of sculpting their own graphical style,  which reminded me of what I saw within Mini-Ninjas.

I always try to stay away from MMO’s, knowing the time drain those type of games can be, but I plan on giving Dragon Nest a fair shot, at least for a few levels, just to get a feel for the game.

Expect the Open Beta on July 26th.

Visit the official Dragon Nest Website
Official Dragon Nest YouTube channel

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