Wallpaper That Lights Up A Room, Literally

Phillips, the popular Dutch-based electronics company, has partnered with a Danish textile company, Kvadrat, in order to begin working on the possibility of a wallpaper that brightens up a room, literally.

The wallpaper would utilize thousands of tiny LED (Light Emitting Diode) lights hung on a fabric panel. The fabric panel acts like a sound-sponge, helping to absorb unsoundly acoustics within the room.

Kvadrat is claiming that with some more research and programming, they believe they could integrate a system within the panels that could recognize sound waves and change the wallpaper accordingly. This is geared more towards a concert hall, where the bright blue walls might not be fitting for a heavy metal band’s performance, or the other way around, where the pitch black walls and blood-red outlining of a concert hall might not be fitting for an old-folks polka band show.

The colors could also be manually changed depending on the users preference. For example, for Christmas, the homeowner could change the usually light brown walls to a green or red, to better fit with the mood. Kid’s having a Spongebob birthday party? No better room to have the party in, than in the bright yellow room.

There is no limit to what these two companies could do with this technology, and I honestly would not be surprised if in the near future, we can watch television through our wallpaper. Imagine that, the “home of tomorrow,” where you sit down, tap the wall and start watching Dexter in your bedroom, you get up to leave the room to go get something to eat and motion sensors (like the one used in Microsoft’s Kinect) pick up that you are now in the kitchen, so the Dexter display is transferred to a wall in the kitchen.

Read Phillips’ Official Announcement

I am completely making that up, but it is to point out that with this sort of technology, the possibility of something like that, is already there. The “Home of the Tomorrow” might not be as far in the future as we may think.

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