The Many Deaths of Sean Bean

Sean Bean dies a lot in movies. Even at that, most of his death scenes are pretty graphic.

Harry Hahrahan has complied a total of 21 of Sean Bean’s death scenes together in the video below.

With the score from the chilling Dead Island hype-trailer playing through the background, the video is almost humbling, regardless of the fact that half of the time, Sean’s character is a villain.

Anything written below the video may be considered a spoiler, as is the entirety of the video. So if you feel secure in your Sean Bean spoilage, enjoy…if not, well…go look at our Tumblr page for a while and come back later.

***Spoilers Incoming***


Obviously the Black Death and GoT death scenes were fresh in my mind after having just viewed them both for the first time within the past month. I was anxiously awaiting the scene from Goldeneye, for its classic zoom-in-screaming-face cheese scene, and finally got it towards the end. But, strangely enough, I had completely forgotten about him being in LotR, I guess it is about time to re-watch, and re-read that trilogy again.

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  1. Jesse

    Favorite death scene, Death Race 2. Which wasn’t in this video however it is fairly new.

    I like it because he takes time to finish his cigarette while his hitman killer watches and waits for him to get done. An intelligent man, knowing the ends coming, and takes time to enjoy his cigarette.


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