‘The Raid’ a Documentary on Raiding in World of Warcraft

The reason World of Warcraft is so popular is that it appeals to such a broad spectrum of people. For example, H3lmz is big into the fast-paced battlegrounds that centralize on players on the Alliance and on the Horde fighting over resource points in order to claim victory and gain honor. For me, I’m more of an explorer. I read the quests, I learn names, where things are, the best way to get to them (before flying made ground travel obsolete,) and the overall lore behind everything.

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Another way to play World of Warcraft is the more traditional way, the way that gains you the most fame, reputation, and overall glory within the world of Warcraft. Raiding.

Basically, for those of you who do not make up the 11 million that play World of Warcraft or the other couple dozen million that play other Massively Multiplayer Online games, raiding involves teams of players entering instances, or in Warcraft‘s case, raid dungeons, to attempt to defeat the master villain of the specific dungeon. Raids can last for hours depending on the skill level, or lack thereof, of the members composing the team. The reason for defeating these raid villains: the loot.

Those hardcore raiders pride themselves on wearing the armor and carrying the weapons that only the toughest of raid bosses drop. It’s a visual way for them to tell other Warcraftians how good they are at the game.

So with their own personal reputation on the line, and often times the entire Guild’s reputation on the line, as these raids more than likely require the effort of an entire Guild to conquer, people take raiding very seriously. For most of the raiders, it is their time to shine. They get to forget about their 9-5 job where they slave at a customer support counter, or wait tables, or mow lawns. They get to lead others into something that once they defeat, they can look back on and be proud of.

The mental health of the extremely hardcore raiders can be taken into question, but for most gamers, it’s just a fun way to relieve stress after a day of work, and solve a puzzle with a bunch of your friends.

The documentary, The Raid, centralizes on just that. The mentality of the raiders. It will provide an interesting look for an outsider to see what exactly gets theses people caught up in the addictiveness of raiding, and World of Warcraft in general.

Visit the official The Raid website for more information.

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