Valve Announces Loyalty Points for Team Fortress 2

Shortly after revealing that Team Fortress 2 will be free-to-play from here on out, Valve has introduced Loyalty Points into the Team Fortress 2 mechanics.

Loyalty points will be rewarded for doing “team-based” things, like healing teammates, checking for spies, and resupplying. The points will be collected and you will be able to trade the loyalty points in for items. For those of you who have everything you want, Valve has special uber-expensive items that can only be bought with loyalty points, such as the “Freezing Natascha” as seen below. These uber weapons cycle daily, so everyday there is something different.

Only weapons will be available to buy with Loyalty Points, however, the items can be used in the crafting of other items, and this new mechanic will not replace the current random-drop system but work alongside it.

For more information check out Valves Press Release on the Loyalty Update.

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