Lytro: A Camera Revolution

Back in the old days, there were few things as aggravating as weeding through an envelope of developed photos fresh from Walgreens, looking for that one picture that was taken of you and your favorite relative, only to discover that the picture wasn’t focused right and would eternally be focused on Spike licking his butt out behind the porch.

U.F.O. spotters aside, people using cameras today don’t have much of a problem achieving solid focus using digital cameras that oftentimes show you what the picture will look like far before it ever ends up on paper. Thanks to Photoshop, nooby photographers can add blur effects to a picture of a garbage can and make it look “artsy”, but if the picture is taken and there is something out of focus, it will forever be out of focus. There is just no way around that. This is where Lytro steps up.

Lytro cameras don’t specialize in achieving focus to take a picture, they perfect the focus after the picture is taken.

Lytro cameras are the first light-field camera to be created. Using over a century of scientific discovery and theories, Lytro has built a camera that can bend light in order to refocus the image.

Go look at the Lytro picture gallery and play around with the demo photographs they have setup there. Simply click on a part of the picture to refocus the image, the same can be applied to the demo image below.

Not only are these guys bragging about their fancy re-focus tech, they also claim that Lytro cameras can instantly go from off to on so there is no more shutter lag, and that their cameras are compact and travel size.

There has yet to be a set price for these cameras, but I’m sure it won’t be too cheap.

For more information check out the Lytro Cameras Frequently Asked Questions page or just visit the Lytro official website.


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