H3lmz’s $5 Amazon Albums for June

After reviewing the list of downloadable MP3 albums that Amazon.com is offering for 5 bucks each, I’ve come to the conclusion that they have pretty good taste in music. The selection is pretty diverse and there are plenty of genres to choose from. With everything from Country to Classical, your bound to find something you can enjoy! Here are my top 5 options out of the 100:

1) Come Fly With Me – Frank Sinatra

I truly believe that anyone who enjoys listening to good music, should listen to this album. Sinatra was the bee’s knees back then and his presence alone could melt the undergarments off of any lady of his choosing.


2) LP4 – Ratatat

Ratatat’s style is that of ambiance and funk with a dash of Hip-Hop. I love the fact that it is purely instrumental, proving that music does not need vocals to be considered great.

3) Rick James – The Ultimate Collection

Rick James is most definitely one if the kings of funk. With beast-mode bass lines and a badass brass section to match, this album will surely make you want to get down and funky.

4) Waking the Fallen – Avenged Sevenfold

I’ve been listening to A7X for years and although they have changed a bit, some to the death of their drummer not long ago, this may be one of (if not) the best album they have released to date. Their sound is so intense, yet it doesn’t sacrifice harmony and melody.

5) Welcome To Jamrock – Damien “Jr. Gong” Marley

While not as popular as his predecessor, Damien Marley is a pretty damn good artist if you ask me. He stays true to the reggae genre, but also throws in a little personal touch to it.

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