The World’s Oldest Battlefield Player

The video below chronicles a day in the life of “ADHD_Wacko_Jacko” a man who, at 66, claims to be the world’s oldest Battlefield: Bad Company 2 player.

He spends his day much like many other retirees do, tending to a garden and enjoying the day out on his own boat. But at night, when most other men his age are snacking on pretzels and watching re-runs of Modern Marvels and Law & Order, this guy is capturing bases and wrecking barns with hand-grenades.

He plays on the PlayStation 3 and seems to have the time of his life. 45 years from now I could easily see myself in this position, though, I have a feeling that the intensity of Battlefield: Bad Company 2 will be laughable by that point.

I would say that my generation (20-30 somethings) has been the first generation that grew up with a solid exposure to video games. As my generation grows up, people like Wacko_Jacko will become just as common as today’s Law & Order enthusiasts.

And the best part of this all is, as weird and different as his gaming hobby might seem to others his age, I bet he has a hell of a lot more fun on a daily basis than they do.

Battlefield veterans: listen to the music at 30 seconds in. Might recognize the tune.

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