Splinter Cell: Extinction Web Series Prologue

Splinter Cell: Extinction, is a high-quality fan-made web series that centers on an NSA operative as he uncovers a nationwide conspiracy. Published by indie film studio Companion Pictures, Extinction has been given the green-light (or should I say three green-lights…see what I did there?) for an entire mini-series.

The prologue episode is out, and you can watch it in all it’s sneaky-neck-snapping glory, below. Extinction really nails the overall feel of Splinter Cell, they even got the music right. I am really excited to see where they are taking this series.

As we do with the Mortal Kombat: Legacy series, we will post each episode as it comes out. So bookmark EpicBrew and check back often!

Also, if you still have some time left to kill, you really should head on over to the Companion Pictures website and watch some of their other stuff, they’re really great.

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