Black Death, The Last Airbender, Monster Camp, Zach Galafanakis Standup

Black DeathI reviewed this movie a few days ago. If you missed the review, click here to teleport to it. Basically, it was a great movie, with a few exceptions, most people should enjoy it just as much as I did. Sean Bean stars in this historically rooted horror-thriller as Ulric, a church-appointed knight in the age of the Bubonic Plague’s first wave who’s tasked with investigating rumors of a woman (Carice van Houten) who can bring the dead back to life. A young monk (Eddie Redmayne) named Osmund is aiding Ulric on his quest to root out the necromancer — and to determine whether or not she has ties to Satan.

Avatar: The Last AirbenderYou saw M.Night. Shyamalan’s adaptation of this cartoon series, and if you liked it you should definitely check out the cartoon; if you thought Airbender was too confusing, you should probably check out the cartoon. It is impressively written and designed for a children’s cartoon. Made in the United States but deeply informed by the graphic style of Asian anime, this animated series conjures up an exotic fantasy world to frame the elaborate saga of a lad born with special powers and a heroic destiny. After Katara and her brother Sokka extract young Aang from his hibernation inside an iceberg, they discover he’s the new Avatar: the only being who possesses the air-bending powers needed to defeat the predatory Fire Nation.

Monster Camp – For one weekend a month, die-hard gamers leave the real world for the fantasy of live-action role playing. This award-winning documentary examines this make-believe world at the Seattle franchise of NERO (New England Role-playing Organization). As players become warriors, creatures, sorcerers and other assorted characters, filmmaker Cullen Hoback goes inside the subculture to ask what this make-believe world means to its dedicated inhabitants.

Zach Galafanakis Live at the Purple Onion – From an inauspicious beginning performing comedy routines in the back of a burger joint in New York, unorthodox stand-up star Zach Galifianakis has made a splash on the scene with his inimitable brand of humor. In this live show filmed at San Francisco’s Purple Onion nightclub, the versatile funnyman (whose credits include “Late World with Zach,” Out Cold, Heartbreakers and The Comedians of Comedy) serves up a healthy dose of his signature wit.

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