Game of Thrones Season Two Starts Filming in July

With tonight’s episode concluding the first season of HBO’s widely popular Game of Thrones series, it makes sense for HBO to try and push to keep this momentum going by continuing the series into season 2 (book 2) as soon as possible.

Season one was such a tremendous success that before episode 2 even debuted, HBO had already renewed Game of Thrones for a second season. The premier of the first episode attracted approximately 2.2million viewers, with another million and-a-half tuning in later for the encore presentation.

The Game of Thrones story was originally written by George R.R. Martin, the first book in the Song of Fire and Ice series. HBO will continue to call the series “Game of Thrones” to keep from confusing the audiences who have yet to read the novels.

Season 2 will be comprised of the story A Clash of Kings, book two in the Song of Fire and Ice series.

No word yet on returning cast/crew or really anything official other than the announcement of the planned filming commencement.

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