H3lmz and H3rc Play ‘Champions Online’

Champions Online is just one of the handful of MMO’s that Steam has released that are Free-to Play. Now I know you’re thinking, “How good can a free game be?” This is what I initially asked myself as well, but once I got playing I was pretty impressed. There are so many ways to customize your character, everything from cheek bones to eye-brows to wings and tails. Take a look at the characters that H3rcules and myself have created below.

I (H3lmz) am the demon lord ‘Helmz‘ former demon hunter who was slain and cruelly back to life by demonic captors. I have broken free, empowered by the mystic powers intended to torture me, I seek vengeance with my fire.

H3rcules plays as the assassin-bot “Bodok.” Bodok was built to carry out the deeds of those who wished not to dirty their hands. In a glitch-based accident, Bodok became self-aware and now, understanding the value of free-will, fights for the freedom of all.

There are literally thousands of combinations to choose from. You can choose your powers, whether it be super strength or ice manipulation, to commence chaos against your foes. It is free to play from level 1-40 and of course you can always purchase Atari Tokens for even further cosmetic customization and special perks.

One thing I didn’t expect from this game was its graphics. The cell-shaded visual style is surprisingly great. It looks similar to Borderlands, but has that light-hearted MMO-feel like World of Warcraft does. So if you have been looking for a free MMO to play in your spare (or at work) time, head on over to the  Steam store and check out Champions Online and the other free-to-play MMO’s!

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