Warcraft, Rage of the Firelands Patch 4.2 Trailer

Even for those of us who have put down our swords and packed away our herbalism supplies, World of Warcraft trailers are still something to be excited about.

The lore behind this particular trailer revolves around the aftermath of Deathwing’s emergence from Deepholm, and the subsequent cataclysm that ensued. Azeroth’s strongest shamans, the members of the Earthen Ring, have been tirelessly trying to stabilize the world and contact the elemental lords in an effort to regain the natural balance there once was.

The Earthen Ring was finally answered, but not in the way they had been hoping for. The elemental Firelord Ragnaros appeared and boasted of his plans to sweep across Azeroth in a destructive wave of fire. Obviously it will fall on the shoulders of you and your guildies to ensure this does not happen. Blood and Thunder, epiclings.

Patch 4.2 will also see the release of a new guild-sized legendary quest chain, two new daily PVP quest zones with over 60 new quests, and the introduction of the new tier 12 armor sets.

For the full patch notes visit the official World of Warcraft patch 4.2 page.

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