Xbox 360 Kinect at E3 2011

Looking back at yesterday’s Microsoft press conference, I can really only remember two major announcements. One, being the reveal of Halo 4, and the other being just how much effort Microsoft is putting into the Kinect. It seemed like every sentence a developer finished their spiel with ended something along the lines of: “…and expect Kinect support in [game] as well!” and then there would be an awkward smattering of applause, as the audience pondered at what gimmicky way a Kinect could be used in said game.

The big new thing Microsoft was parading around was a Kinect feature called “Fun Labs.” It was essentially three presentations wrapped together. There was the “Kinect Me” portion which demonstrated how the Kinect can (and will be able to) scan you and dress your Xbox avatar in exactly what you’re wearing.

The second feature was “Kinect Sparkler” which scans your picture and allows you to edit the photo in a 3D environment. It makes more sense when you see it in the video.

And the third feature is called “Googly Eyes” and it allows you to scan an inanimate object and attach googly eyes to it within the demonstration.

Fun Labs is now available in the Xbox Live Marketplace for those of you with a Kinect.

The Kinect is a cool piece of technology but I feel Microsoft is trying a little too hard with making sure it gets put into as many games as possible. Sure, the Kinect is great for short 10-15 minute gaming sessions or longer if you have friends around, but until developers really start getting practical with how to implement the use of the Kinect without it feeling forced or cheesy, I will be scarcely acceptable of the technology.

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