Gears of War 3 E3 2011

We have already shown you the campaign trailer and the cover art but today during Mircosoft’s press conference, we finally got to see the campaign being played. Epic Game’s Cliff Bleszinski “Cliffy-B” took to the stage with celebrity Ice-T, who lends his voice to Gears 3 as character “Griffin,” and showed us a little bit of the co-op action we should expect.

Gears 3 is supposed to be the last chapter in the story of Marcus Fenix, but not necessarily the closure of the Gears of War franchise. After all, Gears of War 1 took place after humanity got our butts kicked by the Locusts. It would be interesting to see a game that takes place before Emergence Day.

Gears 3 Features: Four-player Campaign Co-op, new “Beast Mode”, an upgraded “Horde Mode” with new mini-bosses and weapons, new multiplayer level designs, and graphical upgrades allow Gears 3 to feature stunning visuals produced by the Unreal 3 Engine, pushing the Xbox 360 to its maximum capabilities.

“Beast Mode” is probably my favorite new feature. The multiplayer game mode is a reverse of “Horde Mode” in that you control various Locust monsters and fight against ever strengthening waves of “Ground Walkers.”

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