Blizzard Starts Selling New Warcraft Flying Mount: The Winged Guardian

The Winged Guardian is way cooler than Blizzards previous purchasable flying mount, the Celestial Steed, but is it cool enough to throw down $25 for?

Not for me.

Not unless I can land that braided-beard, fire-head, lion-bird in the middle of a trash mob, jump off of it and have it fight alongside me.

Then at least I’d think about it for a few minutes before deciding I have much better things to spend my $25 on.

But if this Power Ranger Zord-like creature is a must-have for you, head to Blizzard’s Online Store and pick one up.

It is worth noting that with the purchase of the Winged Guardian, it will activate on every character you have and every character you will ever make on the account you purchased the Guardian on. So your $25 does net you your own personal fleet of Guardians, at the least.

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