50-Hours of Star Wars Live Action TV Series Exists…

… “on a shelf” somewhere.

In a recent interview with George Lucas, G4’s Attack of the Show host brought up the question of progress on the live-action Star Wars TV series we were promised forever-and-a-half ago.

It sits on a shelf…we have 50 hours…we are waiting for it to be economically feasible to shoot the show. Right now it looks like the [Star Wars films] but we have to figure out a way to make it for a tenth of the cost of the [films] because it’s television.

As skeptical as I was about a Star Wars TV series, I have totally found myself enjoying the poodoo out of the Clone Wars series on Cartoon Network. I started season one a few weeks ago and zoomed right through the entire season. The quality of the show, mixed with the fantastic story-telling, was excellent. Sure, it had its cheese moments, but I realize the show is primarily for kids so I dismiss those moments without penalty.

So if they can keep the quality of the characters and story, convert it to live action, and fit into the budget….my midi-chlorians are already tingling in excitement.

Check out the entire interview here on YouTube

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